Documentation of past displays varies greatly, but the links below provide a flavor of the work NWSM has presented over the years.
(Specific photo credits not shown for simplicity. Contributors include Russ Bucy, Daniel Carey, Eric Christianson, Don Conrard, Jon Fincher, Morgan Girling, Paolo Marcucci, Pat Murphy, Tim Nelson, John Newcome, Will Perry, Jim Schubert.)

Jan 2006 Miscellaneous 1/72 Aircraft
Jan 2007 Hollywood Wings: Movie Aircraft
Apr 2007 Liftoff! (50 years of space exploration)
Jul 2007 Blue Angels & SeaFair
Sep 2007 Dogfight! (WW2 aircraft)
Dec 2007 Small Air Forces
Feb 2008 Come Fly with Me! (Airliners)
Jun 2008 Maximum Effort! (WW2 US Bombers)
Aug 2008 50 Years of NASA
Nov 2008 The Great War in the Air
Feb 2009 Spanish Civil War
May 2009 Naval Aviation
Aug 2009 Bent Throttles! 100 Years of Air Racing
Nov 2009 Fantastic Voyages: Hardware of Science Fiction
Feb 2010 Firsts/Record Setters
May 2010 Strangers in a Strange Land (Captured a/c)
Aug 2010 Summer of Titans: The Battle of Britain
Nov 2010 Korean Air War
Feb 2011 50 Years of Human Spaceflight
May 2011 Operation Barbarossa
Jun 2011 – Oct 2012 100 Years of U.S. Navy Aviation (MOF Gallery Exhibit)
Aug 2011 Swords <-> Plowshares
Nov 2011 Pearl Harbor Attack
Feb 2012 Air War Falklands/Malvinas
May 2012 Air War Western Desert
Aug 2012 Cadet Days (Trainers)
Dec 2012 Boeing Prototypes
Mar 2013 Conquistadors of the Sky: Latin American Aviation
Jun 2013 Fighters of the Axis (WW2)
Sep 2013 Bump Cowls and Wheel Pants: Aviation’s Golden Age
Dec 2013 Sands of Unrest: Arab/Israel Wars (1967 and 73)
Mar 2014 From Cessnas to Stratofortresses: Air War Viet Nam
Jun 2014 The Senior Service: Fleet Air Arm
Sep 2014 Fire Bombers: Air Power vs Fire Power
Dec 2014 MiG Dynasty! Aircraft of Mikoyan-Gurevich
Mar 2015 Smoke On! (Aerobatic Teams)
Jun 2015 Straight Up! (Helicopters)
Sep 2015 Battle of the Atlantic (WWII)
Dec 2015 EXPERIMENTAL! (X-Planes)
Jan 2016 100 Years of Boeing (MOF Gallery Exhibit)
Mar 2016 Boeing Centennial – Overview
Jun 2016 Boeing Centennial – Military
Sep 2016 Boeing Centennial – Civil
Dec 2016 Boeing Centennial – Boeing by Marriage
Mar 2017 Waterbirds & Amphibians
Jun 2017 Suez Crisis 1956
Sep 2017 Foreign Flags: US Aircraft in Foreign Service
Dec 2017 Air Spy (Aerial Reconnaissance)
Mar 2018 They Weren’t All Zeroes
Jun 2018 Canadian Aviation
Sep 2018 The First Air War (WWI Centennial)
Dec 2018 Lights! Camera! Action! Reel Planes
Mar 2019 That Others May Live (SAR/Mercy)
Jun 2019 Evergreen Warriors: Washington Military Aviation
Sep 2019 Give Me a Squadron of Spitfires!
Dec 2019 Now Boarding: The Birth of Air Travel
Oct 2020 1945-47: From the Postwar Era to the Future at the Speed of Sound
July 2021 Fierce! Women in Aviation
Nov 2021 On December 7th, 1941…
Mar 2022 Hail to the Chief: Heads of State Air Transport
June 2022 Aviation Firsts: Pushing the Possible
Nov 2022 North American’s T-6: The World’s Most Famous Trainer
Feb 2023 Aces High: Knights of the Air
June 2023 War-Weary Makeover: Assembly Ships of the 8th Air Force
Oct 2023 F-86 Sabre: Swept-Wing Warrior
Feb 2024 – Cold War Soviet Jet Warplanes Everywhere!